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  • Best Dog Service in Hyderabad
    Dog Boarding Services at Close To Home Kennels, Your furry friend can enjoy its holidays with full freedom.
  • Best Dog Service in Hyderabad
    By keeping reach ability issues we have started Pick and Drop service anywhere in Hyderabad.
  • Largest Kennel in Telangana
    Dogs have a sense of time. It's been proven that they know the well before. They can predict future events.
    Keep your Beautiful Pet Stylish and Handsome!
    the most commonly faced problem is external parasitic "infestation by ticks".
  • Best Dog Service in Hyderabad
    Dogs have a sense of time. It's been proven that they know the well before. They can predict future events.
    Our Kennel is spread over 5 acres of Farm Land.
    Apply the recommended medicines externally after a thorough bath.(be sure to cover the mouth to avoid the dog from licking the medicine)

Boarding Services

Every pet is a family and expects a good home like other family members. But in cases where you are going to be away for a while on a business or a holiday, your pet still needs proper caring until you come back from a business work or a holiday. The best way to do this is to get in touch with a Kennel, which can help your dog to feel home. When you choose a Kennel, you want the best care for your pet while you are away from home. The goal is to get a temporary home for your pet where your pet will get same love and care during its boarding that feels close to the comforts of your home where exactly our Close to Home Kennel comes.
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Pick & Drop

We request all our customers to drop their pets at the kennel and pick up from the kennel after boarding is complete as the pet taxis are charging very high. But if it is compulsory to have our pick and drop service, the following are the timings and charges to and from the kennel.
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Setup in the lush green outskirts of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, CTHK is housed in a sprawling 5 Acre campus secured under a 24/7 CCTV monitoring system. Being a No-Noise and No-Pollution Area, your pet enjoys its vacation in natural comfort with other furry friends, and the best part – You are absolutely free of worries while you carry on with your itinerary.
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Dog Training
1. House Manners & Obedience
2. Handling Training for children
3. Personal Guarding & Attacking (Protection Work )
4. Narcotics & Explosives Search Training. (sniffing work )etc..
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Rules on Website
Avoid scams by acting locally or paying in Advance Never pay with GPay, Paytm, Tez, Western Union, Moneygram or other anonymous payment services Don't buy or sell outside of your country.
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Health of your dog
Vaccination Schedule to be taken care of:
1. Canine Distemper
2. Canine Hepatitis
3. Parvo Virus Infection
4. Corona Virus Infection etc..
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Choosing your Puppy
Different breeds will have certain characteristics for which they were bred. You must consider several things before deciding on a dog
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Largest Kennel in Telangana

Try to bring a puppy home only after it is eight weeks old. By then it must have had its Primary Vaccination against Parvo and other diseases. Insist on the immunisation record given by the Vet to the breeder. If it is a dog with a Pedigree insist on the certificate and its transfer to your name.Remember to ask questions about the feeding schedule

Healthy Puppy

Best Dog Service in Hyderabad

Hookworm and roundworm infestation is the most common problem faced by Dog owners. Sometimes, even with the utmost care in Cooking the dogs become infested with the ova, and the adult worms that develop cause many problems. The dog loses weight or develops a pot-belly.

Regular Checkups

Largest Kennel in Telangana

At Close To Home Kennels, we believe that you should have the best information available on the net. There are many sites with exhaustive information and links to Dog Health, Infections & Diseases, Common and Chronic medical problems, problems faced by parasitic infestations and so on. So we have given you some

Infections & Diseases

Best Dog Service in Hyderabad

Different breeds will have certain characteristics for which they were bred. Ask breeders at dog shows and look them up in breed books for further information. You must consider several things before deciding on a dog:

Any Breed

Largest Kennel in Telangana

How much training can you do? Regardless of the dog you get, training will make your dog much more compatible with you and what you want to do. A trained dog can go to more places with you without disruption, and can be more easily a part of your life.

Any Language

Best Dog Service in Hyderabad

How much grooming can you do? How much hair are you prepared to have in your home? You should give serious consideration to these factors: some dogs shed little and require no grooming (clipping, stripping, etc); others shed little but require more grooming; others shed but do not require grooming; and still others both shed and require grooming.

Any Food

Largest Kennel in Telangana

Do note that just about all dogs will require some nail clipping regardless of conditions. If you get a dog that requires regular grooming, are you prepared to pay for its grooming or learn to do it yourself and to do either regularly?

Full Security

Best Dog Service in Hyderabad

Some questions to ask yourself: What sort of exercise do I want to do with the dog? Walking? Jogging? Do I want a dog that is bouncy and ready to go, or more relaxed? Am I prepared for a dog with some protective tendencies? How about a dog with possible dog-aggression (because of its background or breed)? Do I want an indiscriminately friendly dog or one that is more reserved?

Best Care

Largest Kennel in Telangana

Mixed Breed or Pedigree? While you can enjoy showing a dog with a good pedigree, in the show circuit, mixed breeds make equally loveable companions and are in-fact said to have more resistance to infections and they are freely available for adoption.

No Cross Breeding

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